Just Pull Me Apart Doc!

If I had a dollar for every time a patient said they felt like they wanted to be pulled apart, I would be a rich man!  So, there I am, Monday morning, and my new patient “Steve” as we will call him is asking me to “yank” his legs or “stretch” and “pull” his low


Wondering who my most challenging patient is? ME! Wait….What?   Let us back up a bit. I started dealing with headaches right around the time I was in my second year of graduate school. 12-hour days consisting of looking down at books, computers, poor eating habits and lack of sleep finally caught up with me. It


My shoulder is killing me Dr. G, but I really want to keep doing Pilates.  Is that, ok?”  Well….  That is where this story begins.  But no need to worry.  Without spoiling the ending, I will tell you it is more of a fairy tale than a horror story.  Here we go!  Jenny is a


WILL SNOWBOARDING HURT MY BACK?  “Dr. G will snowboarding hurt my back or undo the work that we’ve done?” asked a longtime friend of mine after a couple weeks of treatment.  “Well….”  Let’s back up a bit. Today’s topic is very relatable for most of us. The reason I say that is because most of

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