February 8, 2023 Dr. Danny Govenar

“From Code to Comfort”: How Hip Mobility Solved One Programmer’s Back Pain

Meet Jason, a 30-year-old computer programmer who spends his days coding away in front of a computer screen. He’s a master of computer languages, but unfortunately, his back was speaking a different language – the language of pain. Jason came to SD Body Fix complaining of low back pain caused from sitting all day at the computer, and we were ready to help translate his back to a pain-free state. 

Jason was the perfect example of a sedentary lifestyle leading to low back pain. His long hours at the computer had left him with tight hips and a weak lower back, leading to pain and discomfort. But, like any good programmer, Jason was ready to debug his back pain and get back to feeling his best. 

Along with some manual manipulation of the spine, hips and pelvis to reduce pain fast, we prescribed a regimen of hip mobility and flexibility exercises to treat his low back pain. At first, Jason was a bit skeptical – he wasn’t used to moving his body in ways that didn’t involve typing. But, with a little bit of encouragement and a lot of determination, he got to work. 

First up was foam rolling. Jason was a pro at debugging code, but foam rolling was a whole new level of discomfort. But, with each roll of the foam, he could feel his hips loosening up. It is amazing what a slight increase in blood flow to the muscles will do in a short period of time. 

Next, it was time for some dynamic warm-ups. We had Jason performing leg swings and walking lunges, and before long, he was moving with ease. He was amazed at how such simple movements could make such a significant difference in his back pain. 

Lastly, we had Jason incorporating hip-focused strength training exercises into his routine. Squats and lunges were the perfect prescription for his weak hips and lower back. With each repetition, he could feel his hips and back getting stronger. 

Finally, consistency is the key.  So we sent Jason home with some simple flexibility homework to help lengthen three important muscles of the hip related to low back pain. 


In just a few short weeks, Jason was a changed man. His back pain was gone, and his hips were moving with ease. He was able to spend his days at the computer without any discomfort, and he even started incorporating more physical activity into his daily routine. 

And the best part? Jason was no longer just a master of computer languages – he was a master of his own body. He had taken control of his pain and was on his way to a healthy, active lifestyle. 

So, if you’re like Jason and you spend your days sitting at a computer, don’t let low back pain hold you back. Incorporating hip mobility and flexibility exercises into your routine can make all the difference. At SD Body Fix, we’re here to help you debug your back pain and get back to feeling your best. 

Jason’s Homework

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